Of the many errors and untruths….

Of the many errors and untruths I find in this world, one greatly pains me amidst others out there. This has to do with the way ladies are portrayed by the media, its quite disheartening I must say and though am not of this sex yet I seek that a liberation be gotten from this overly embraced, yet debasing anomaly that such wonderful set has been so confused as.

A woman is more portrayed as a sex object by the media( I mean no offence to any but the truth needs be told). Just think about it, is it music, is it movies, the entertainment industry as a whole is more inclined to this false portrayal and more people see this because we humans prefer “entertainment” to things that will have us stressing our brains. Hence we see this and the repeated sighting of this debasing anomaly ingrains this orientation in many a head. A little wonder the level of rape and other sexual molestation in this times as compare with other times. Its quite pathetic but 15 or so years ago someone, a male, mentioned something in my hearing that  when 70% of matured males see a female what comes to mind is sex. Quite pathetic

But the truth is this and it needs be told, that many a female are the ones who encourages this debacle to continue and get to the stage it has thus far. How ? you may ask…. when you see such on TV what do you say, how do you react, when you see fellow ladies dancing up and down the pole, stripped partially or fully to their bare skin, what is your reaction. When walking with a group of friends and debasing comments are made about ladies passing by, do you object to this and try to make better persons of those friends letting them see that which is truth, that ladies are not instruments for such moral deprivations. I believe that some of the ladies who prostitute their bodies or strip dance or dance half naked in music videos or partake in pornography etc are into this as a means of earning income, keeping body and soul together, but at what cost? The ripple effect of this ways is like cancer it destroys more than just your self worth but that of others too now it’s attacking the image of women as a whole irrespective of their geographical location. You might want to ask that what then should I do, how then can I make ends meet in this harsh reality that we call life.  I believe what you need is in your hands, you only need to add patience and contentment to your passion. Yes what’s your passion , let’s work on this and look for ways to monetize them therein you can earn an honest income and yet keep your self esteem intact. Hopefully in the next publication I’d delve more into this but for now do note that you are made for something far better than this debacle. Its time for women to speak as one , speaking against this deviation from the truth that has ravaged their true image, that has portrayed them to be next to nothing, let the media know that you aren’t who they portray you to be, you are special and that’s the truth, the blatant truth don’t rub your gems in the mud of this world.


Life is a call and we all must answer it

But we have a choice how we choose to heed the call.

I’ve always believed that a man wasn’t made to act as a zombie, a programmed entity only following orders all his life, this is what you should do, this is what you shouldn’t, boxing man in with set of rules. I believe that man was made to soar with wings high above what is know to what can be known. I believe that one should be able to express his/her feelings without being judged for same. I know there is a inner good in man despite all the evil that is prevalent In the world today and i know that if we can be our good self we can truly heal the world as the song goes.

someone once said that even if others are doing evil, do not change from the good you are, continue being good.

This site is for all who hasn’t lost hope in mankind, who wishes to make a difference no matter how small our input is and seeks being a better version of themselves.

love conquers all

Probably my last entry

Some of us may not buy into this, agree with this but its just my thought….

I strongly feel that GOD created death so that man would have an exit from the pains that this life offers.. hence am glad for this …. Thank

Thank you all for the time spent with you… chao

A world that’s dull of perception

  • I once heard that psychopaths show love to their family or close relatives yet they( the ones that graduate to serial killer level) perpetuate movie-like gruesome deeds on those who don’t fit into that close circle….. I tend to ponder on this, as it means they are capable of extending love to others but yet they withhold same. Why!!!! .
  • Truth is I don’t know but I’d admonish us all, all who are chanced to hear me out directly or indirectly let’s quell every sort of bullying especially to the younger folks in their formative years. I perceive that this may be a reason for such unempatetic acts from this individuals…

we create our own monsters, please let’s stop creating them so that we can have a frightless sleep.


An enigma

It’s strange and yet amazing that the most astounding force I yet know can be so beautiful one time, giving us a feeling like this is where I belong and yet at another it is so disastrous that we have nothing else in mind than to escape. I muse….. is this a function of man’s input, behavioural, emotional or temperamental, that corrupts the pure nature of this phenomenon called love or is love truly double sided and its true nature is shown in both polar opposite?

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